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About Primary Academy pre-primary and primary school

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Primary Academy is a pre-primary and primary co-educational facility that educates children in the English Medium.

We offer an exceptional, affordable, quality, independent education with emphasis placed on high academic standards. A practical, hands-on method of teaching is fostered. We endeavour to make the facility affordable while still maintaining small classes. This enables each child to have quality time with their teacher and receive focused, stimulating and exciting education as an individual, whilst functioning in a group.

We consider politeness, courtesy, honesty and integrity to be core values, incorporated in every school activity.


Our school was established in 1985 as Dwergieland Kleuterskool. It was originally founded by Cecile van der Nest in Krugersdorp. Dwergieland had thrived in her care for twelve years when ownership was passed onto Marietjie Woller. After a further eight years, Ivon Muller bought the school. 

Under her leadership, Primary Academy was born and eventually branched out into Florida and Weltevreden Park. 

In 2016 the school leaped into the future and started to branch out with a Primary school with affordable, quality and independent education.  

Good Grades
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